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Patricia Washburn

A City at a Crossroads

What do we want Portland to be?

We can continue on the same old path, or we can act to move the city in a positive direction while strengthening and stabilizing our city government.  Here are some of the principles I will bring to the Charter Commission. (See list at right of specific actions I support.)

Voters matter. I will support actions and changes that will put more of Portland’s destiny in the hands of the city’s people. 

Inclusion matters. I will seek actions and solutions that prioritize the needs of underrepresented populations, including Black, Indigenous, immigrant, disabled, and working-class people and their families.

Transparency matters. I want the people’s business done in public, providing access and participation opportunities to all voters.

Opportunity matters. Portland must not become an enclave for rich out-of-staters. I want the city to be a welcoming place for visitors, but also a home, where anyone can start a businesses, raise a family, find safe and affordable housing, get an education, and contribute to a thriving community and economy for the future.


Deering Oaks

  • Strengthen the role of the elected mayor so most decisions are being made by someone who is accountable to voters.
  • Pay city councilors and School Committee members a fair salary so working people can afford to serve in these high-intensity roles.
  • Eliminate the position of city manager.
  • Expand public transit access, especially for people with disabilities.
  • Create and fund permanent public health efforts including mental health.
  • Make mental health services available through emergency dispatch.
  • Expand access to child care and pre-K to improve options for working parents and school readiness for children.
  • Implement a multi-pronged approach to the city’s housing crisis based in a  “housing first” approach.
  • Support living wages for Portland workers, including gig workers.