For Progress. For Portland.

I am humbled and grateful at having been elected to Portland’s Charter Commission. My thanks to the volunteers, friends, collaborators, donors, city workers, and most of all VOTERS who made this win possible.

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Patricia Washburn

Because Portland’s people deserve better.

Portland is a beautiful, unique, lively city. It is also a city with issues — including a city government rooted in a racist past. In June 2021, voters will elect a Charter Commission to improve equality, inclusion, and justice in the underlying structure of city government.

I’m Patricia Washburn, and I first moved here in 1989. As a technology worker, business owner, disability advocate, and voter, I have come to care deeply about Portland’s future. 

We have many advantages in this city. We also have a number of people who need help to set their feet on a stable path forward. I support a city government that acts with compassion, supports its future, and functions effectively. I welcome your questions and hope to earn your vote.

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About Pat

Patricia Washburn wearing a mask

Writer, activist, volunteer, worker, renter, cybersecurity manager, nerd, infinite learner.

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About Portland

Portland City Hall at night

Portland is a special place,  with big challenges and even bigger opportunities at a unique time in history.

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About the Election

Voters of varying races and ethnicities

Portlanders will choose Charter Commission members on June 8, 2021. Please make a plan to vote!

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Because of the pandemic, I’m not able to meet people in the way I would like, but I want to hear from Portland voters!
Feel free to reach out, introduce yourself, and let me know about your concerns.

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