African-American woman holding stickers that say "My Vote Counts"

Charter Commission Election

Make a plan to vote June 8!

In the summer of 2020, the Portland City Council voted to establish a Charter Commission. They also named three members to the 12-member board (Peter Eglinton, Michael Kebede, and Dory Waxman). The remaining nine members will be elected June 8 — one for each City Council district and four at-large. I am running for one of the at-large seats.

Why a Charter Commission? The charter is Portland’s governing document, the city version of a constitution. A Charter Commission is the group legally authorized to make changes. (Read Portland’s charterhere.)

This next Charter Commission will have a chance to address the city manager form of government, which is literally a relic of the Ku Klux Klan era in Maine politics, and move toward dismantling structures of systemic racism. It’s important work and I will be proud and honored to help do it.

June elections have historically tended to be low in turnout. Please make a plan to vote, whether you vote early, use an absentee ballot, or go to the polls on the 8th!