About Pat

Values and goals

Patricia Washburn grew up in Massachusetts. BUT! She got better. She moved to Portland in 1989 to take a job at the Press Herald and fell in love with the city. She spent a few years in other Maine communities, but returned for good in 2009.

She started out in journalism, where her career highlights included launching the first Press Herald Web site in 1995 and being at the Boston Globe when the Sox won the Series in ’04. She has built websites (including this one), written technical documents, managed cybersecurity programs for a Fortune 500 company, and trained adult learners in new technologies. In recent years she became fascinated with the challenge of securing technology, and earned a master’s degree in cybersecurity from Southern New Hampshire University in 2017. She also wrote a book about cats.

Pat has been a longtime volunteer and supporter of local, state, and national Democratic groups, and has made TV ads supporting progressive goals such as access to health care. She is known for being an articulate and pointed advocate for more inclusive and sensible government. 

Because of an incurable, hereditary disorder called lipedema, Pat became disabled in midlife and now uses a wheelchair. She is a board member of Disability Voters of Maine, and has met with elected leaders to advance equal opportunities for people with disabilities. 

This is her first run for public office, and she hopes to be an advocate for all Portlanders, but particularly  immigrants, working families, people with disabilities, and the unhoused.

Pat in wheelchair, summer 2019